The Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), with support from the Government of Alberta, has created a robust series of online video training modules to help your hotel quickly and effectively train and on board staff. The training program is developed by industry for industry, taking its initial framework from the curriculum taught at Olds College's Hospitality and Tourism program. It is geared towards front line workers along with those in middle management looking to gain leadership skills. These video modules were developed in partnership with The Studio at Olds College and with the goal of supporting AHLA members and strengthening Alberta’s tourism and hospitality industry. There are three streams of focus including:

· Financial Leadership

Everyone says the numbers are the hard part of hospitality, but that’s simply not true. More often than not, our "financial muscles" aren't flexed as regularly as they should be. Leadership and skills around the numbers are critical to a successful hotel career, and now there is a solution to build your knowledge - The Hospitality Financial Leadership Video Series. David Lund, the Hotel Financial Coach, hosts this three module video series. Micro video lessons will help you build a financial foundation around hotels, and set you up with everything you need to know. This is NOT an accounting course. It’s hotel business thinking!

· Hotel Operations

Hotel Operations is designed for those individuals that are interested in employment within the hospitality sector or who are new the industry and are looking to gain an introductory knowledge of hotel operations. This course contains nine unique sections that will provide a full-picture of hotel operations.

· Supervision & Management

Supervision & Management is designed for those individuals that already have preliminary hospitality industry experience and are looking to move into middle-management or supervisory positions. This course will focus on the development of leadership and communication skills and contains interviews and panel discussions with industry leaders as they share their knowledge and experience. This course contains four unique sections.


The AHLA is a non-profit industry association that is one of the strongest of its kind in Canada. Our mission is to help Alberta hotels prosper via programs, services, and advocacy efforts.


The Studio at Olds College is a full-service video production team and equipment rental service. Working closely with the college and industry partners, The Studio’s primary goal is to create professional and engaging videos for training and education that enhance the overall learning experience.